This One’s From The Heart

I just had a feeling come over me to write this post, well, more of an update really. As many of you are hopefully aware, I am working on the edits for book 2 The Dragon’s Blade: Veiled Intentions.

So book 2 is coming.

The last few months have been especially busy. I was at 3 cons over August and September; I was interning for a month in September and trying to finish the draft of Veiled Intentions. I started it back in January.

Book 2 is eternally coming.

I know I am hardly in a position like poor George Martin – who has had hordes of readers banging on his door and flooding his inbox for years demanding he finish the next book – but I’ve developed an astonishing amount of sympathy for him over this year. Some people have been asking me for the next book though. I’m over the moon that people care enough to ask; that they want to read more and see how the story progresses.

So let me assure you, book 2 is coming.

I have fallen a little behind schedule. The aforementioned busy period coupled with a bout of bad health. For those who don’t know I have Cystic Fibrosis (a lung condition) and running around ragged like I’ve been isn’t always the wisest idea.

But book 2 is coming.

dragonblade_bk2-v6There have been other things too, more personal and not things that need to be divulged. Needless to say it’s been a rough time but it’s not been all bad. Nineworlds was amazing and FantasyCon was even better. I feel more at home in the world of fantasy, writing and books than I did a year ago. Certainly more than when I travelled to Nottingham for my first ever convention last October, all bright eyed but woefully out of the loop.

Almost one year on and book 2 is close to being finished. I never thought I’d ever be able to say that. It was hard to write because now I understand when things aren’t working, so I stop and think and stress and worry and don’t simply plod on thinking I’ve got this nailed. Big changes were made. I think it’s a far better book for it.

So I’m excited for book 2. And come February 2017, I hope you will be too.

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